Kabuki BOOMSTICK Mobility Tool Review


In my last review, I discussed how using the BOOMSTICK improves your muscle tissue and eliminates trigger points. This post is more practical and gives you things to consider before buying.


The BOOMSTICK vs other Self Myofascial Release (SMR) tools

There are hundreds of options for SMR tools on the market today. Every sports company has a foam roller which has driven down the price extensively. Picking up a foam roller could cost between $5-$30 dollars. So, does spending $139 on a BOOMSTICK make it worth the extra pennies spent?


Who is the BOOMSTICK for?


The BOOMSTICK was made by a powerlifter, initially for powerlifters.  Powerlifters have dense muscle, making it difficult for a foam roller or a massage therapist to get deep enough into the muscle tissue. This is why, it was initially aimed at those with large muscle mass, or those working with larger muscle mass. 

Having said that, if you are a male or female athlete, gym goer, or weekend warrior, then you’ll benefit greatly from this product. You’ll have covered more miles than the average person, have denser muscle and will probably improve your performance with the help of a deep tissue massage.


Is the BOOMSTICK easy to use?   

A big selling point of the BOOMSTICK is its ease of use. Compare these two working scenarios for SMR on the quads.


Get into a seated position with the leg relaxed and place the BOOMSTICK perpendicular to the muscle. Feel the heavy weight hit some tender points, keep the whole body relaxed and once the trigger point has been “released” move onto another one by slowly rolling it up or down.  Add more pressure by placing both hands on top to get deeper into the muscle.


Get into a half plank position, slowly put your body weight onto the foam roller and while relaxing your whole body let the roller sink into the muscle. Try not to move away from the spot, if too painful try and take some bodyweight off by planking a little higher with your hips.

With the BOOMSTICK you could happily stay working on your quads for 10+ minutes, however, with a foam roller, it won’t be long before your shoulders will tire. This means its less effective because you’ll want to wiggle off the tender spot too early with the limiting factor being the uncomfortableness of the half plank!


Will the BOOMSTICK solve all of your tightness?

If you’re using it by yourself then no, it won’t reach every tight spot.  If someone else is using it on you then yes, it has far reaching benefits. Here are the best areas for solo and assisted soft tissue work.


  • Base of feet

  • Quads

  • Psoas

  • Forearms

BOOMSTICK - Assisted

  • Glutes

  • Traps (lower, mid and upper)

  • Chest

  • Subscapularis


Should I buy the BOOMSTICK?

You have to factor in the cost of a BOOMSTICK as it is significantly more expensive than other SMR tools on the market. I have put together a quick list to help you decide:



  • Less effort and easier to use than a foam roller

  • Gets deeper into the muscle tissue

  • Quicker changes

  • Able to hold onto trigger points easier than using thumbs and elbows

  • Tend to use it more than a foam roller



  • Expensive

  • Not very transportable

  • Limited to a few areas when working solo



So there you have it. I would reccomend the tool, just know that it won’t solve all of your flexibility issues. For me, it works alongside foam rollers, massage balls, tennis balls and soft balls. Its a “nice to have“ and probably one you won’t regret.

Just a note, I am not sponsored to write this post. I wanted to share this information because there isn’t a lot out there on BOOMSTICKS and I would have found it valuable.