20 Day Sports Performance Camp

The 20 day camp is for athletes looking for a significant improvement over a very short period of time. The camp will include:

  • Full Body Assessment

  • 30 training sessions

  • 5 sports massages

  • 5 recovery sessions

  • Daily recovery supplements

A comprehensive physical assessment helps establish your strengths and weaknesses before lifting a weight and estanlish training goals.

Personal Training Surrey BC, Youth Development, High Performance
Personal Training Surrey BC

We work with athletes for a variety of sports (tennis, basketball, soccer, and more) and have had great success with this short term program.

It is ideal for those athletes that have off time throughout the summer such as aspiring student-athletes and semi-professional athletes. It is a time to shock the body to get in shape for the upcoming season.

Our space has ROGUE equipment along with strength racks, hurdles and many other speed, agility and quickness equipment including a functional sandpit. The style of training is based off your goals, sports and our physical screening.

Request a free physical screening here to get started.

Personal Training Gym Surrey BC

Get a free physical screening

To get started, get in touch here to request a free physical screening. We currently have times available for early mornings (7-10am) and late evenings (7-10pm).